Startup Blog Insights - Top 5 Wrap-up for 2013

Happy New Year everyone. We wrap a great year of Startup Blog Insights for 2013 with a Best of Startup Blog with Taffy Williams, writer and entrepreneur. We do a deep dive on the top five blogs of 2013. Listen or watch Taffy as he shares some stories around each blog.

Top 5 Startup Blogs

#5 5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Never Get Their Big Exit

“Starting a business without learning everything you can about the area can be just as detrimental, especially if you are using your own money or expecting near term income.”
"You really make sure you really understand what you have because sometimes you are standing in front of investors groups and start asking questions, and they are expecting you to demonstrate the ability to run a company but you got to show them that you understand what you are doing, where you are going to generate confidence"

"the exit that people often forget is their own exit"

#4 5 Ideas That May Facilitate Creating a Startup Business

Sometimes businesses concept discoveries occur by serendipity while at other times thoughtful innovation and creativity lead to the business idea."

"When you walk across a cow pasture and you step in something, it is going to happen. And believe me you can recognize and identify a business when you see it."

"If people tell you something won't work and you don't do it, you maybe missing something. "When you go through and going to make something work and you make a discovery, that's important"

#3 Environmental factors that may affect your business

“The choices you make in the early selection of location for your business may affect its growth and health in the long term.  You may consider these factors and incorporate them in your business plan or you may elect to consider location shortly after initiation of the business activities.”

"...part of your design has to be to make sure you have a talent pool you can draw from"

"you want to build something in an environment that can support the business that you have"

#2 7 Short Hints for Startups and Entrepreneurs

"Business can be like being a dog in a dog sled race! If you are not the lead dog, the view never changes. Take charge of your business and ensure your view changes and the business grows."

"if you are in a business and you work for other people, you have a day-in day-out job and you are in a repetitive work, it is not going to change unless you take charge of your life"

"The difference is that the entrepreneurs buy a ticket to play. They try hard. In the end, they may win or not. But they can never be confused as someone that never bought a ticket. In that respect, they always walk away winners !"

#1 Working Hard is Not Enough

It is easy to work hard and accomplish little.  The objective is to work hard and accomplish great things. “

"At the end of the day, investors get no value unless you have significant results to increase the value of the business."

"It is an important part of what you have to understand that going to work everyday and spending long hours andworking hard isn't enough. You have to have small bite-size chunks of accomplishments that take you to a path of a successful exit."

Taffy's Honorable Mention for 2013Write 3 letters


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