Helping the Bay Area Biotech Startups at QB3

This is Nerd Stalker's first foray into quantitative biotech and we are just happy to find a gold nugget in our San Francisco back yard. We interviewed Dr. Kaspar Mossman of QB3, an University of California public-private venture focused mainly on biotech startups. The typical startup cycle of a biotech startup is much longer than IT startups. Biotech startups need about three years of runway and their typical exit is being bought out by bigger companies who have the resources to bring the product to market. The interview site is a recent San Francisco-Mission Bay facility called QB3@953 which houses about 50 biotech startups and features an eight week accelerator program. Dr. Mossman discusses the role of QB3 in the biotech sphere and discusses in-depth what they are doing at QB3@953. Check it out!

QB3 = Center for Quantitative Biosciences

"QB3 is an institute and biotech accelerator program helping biotech companies in the first few years"

"QB3@953 represents a lot of what we learned is incorporated into this building"

"We are only four blocks from UCSF-Mission Bay. You don't want to be in an industrial park at this want to be in massive facilities you can use on an hourly basis."


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