A real electric 3d-printed motorcycle #makerfaire

Windform 3D Printing at the Maker Faire in San Francisco

From Space to F1, Windform materials have no limits of use and express the maximum

performance that can be achieved with high profile 3D printing technology. The state-of-the-art

materials in Windform (www.windform.com) will be on display at the Maker Faire in San

Francisco May 15 to 17 in the area managed by Italian Trade Agency, gold sponsor of the

American event.

Parts and components made with 3D Printing become final parts and functional prototypes thanks to

the family of Windform materials. Reinforced with glass fibres or carbon fibres, these polyamide based

powders, have changed the concept of rapid prototyping in rapid manufacturing. With Windform,

processes which previously required the use of injection moulds for the construction and study of the

object, can now use last generation additive technology. These materials have been available on the

market for over 20 years, since the early days of additive technology in America and when it was

almost unknown in Europe. Windform has known how to evolve over the past two decades and

interpret the needs of the world market, anticipating manufacturing solutions. A far-sightedness carried

out by CRP Technology (www.crptechnology.com), the company that owns the materials and

represents one of the most important and highly qualified production realities of additive manufacturing

parts. Today Windform offers the world market a real alternative to traditional methods of production

for small series, for the realization of functional prototypes and end-use components. Important

progress has been made on Windform, such as outgassing tests for use in space, patch testing for the

medical sector, fashion and design and testing of non-conductivity, expanding the use of Windform in

all areas in which an insulating, waterproof, highly durable material is required, offering the opportunity

of being processed with high precision CNC machining. A single material, two different technologies,

that of 3D Printing and CNC machining have transformed application solutions into reality, solutions

which until a few years ago were impossible to implement with traditional methods.

In San Francisco, you will be able to admire the new generation of Windform 3D printing and see up

close the micro satellites used in space missions, medical devices built on the customization of the

carrier, design objects of various shapes as well as end-use parts of racing cars and even a super

sport electric motorbike, designed and developed with Windform materials: Energica Ego

(www.energicasuperbike.com), a tribute to Italian design, high technology and cutting-edge



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