Mindmaps - A Free web based #mindmapping application. Demo / Tutorial #productivity

"Mindmaps" is a free mindmapping html 5 web based application by David Richard. This is a full-featured mind mapping application solution and you just can't beat the free price. You can save your files in the cloud, It supports Google, Dropbox and more, or you could save the file locally (JSON), there is even a browser-based experimental saving option.

By the way, you can use the ‘red dot’ to create new nodes, as well as the examples I demo in the video. We give it two huge thumbs up and highly recommend you giving it a try, go towww.drichard.org/mindmaps not doctor Richard (lol). The project is now open sourced and on Github for developer contribution, we expect great things.

From the Mindmaps website:


This is a prototype of an HTML5 based mind mapping application. It lets you create neat looking mind maps in the browser.

Did you know that it is still available offline? You can use the app wherever you are, there is no need for an internet connection, everything happens inside your browser on your machine.

There are many mind mapping applications out there. However, the desktop apps are often bloated and not intuitive, and most web apps charge you for premium features.

This one is free, open source and it's full of HTML5 goodness.

You spend most of your time inside your browser anyway. Why not create your mind maps here as well? This app tries its best to deliver you a smooth user experience that you know from desktop software products.


You need a decent web browser that implements all HTML5 functionality and offers support for CSS3. Chrome 10+, Firefox 3.6+, Safari 5+, Opera 10.6+, IE9+ should do the job."


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