Magnaframe the cool new magnetic frame

Magnaframe, has created an innovative, tangible, and beautiful way to share all the moments captured by our smartphones and cameras, through a personalized gallery.

This custom frame building system is perfect for any photo enthusiast. Display your photos IRL with this super cool-- totally customizable magnetic system.

Simply affix a magnetic ‘Main Frame’ to the wall with the provided 2 screws then build out by adding up to an additional 5 frames- in any orientation. This Patent Pending design has 8 to 12 powerful magnets on the sides of each frame, and is engineered to provide maximum stability.

Over time, add to the gallery, mix and match frame sizes because all magnaframes are compatible. magnaframe offers limitless options for a limitless imagination.

magnaframe retails for $49 and comes in 3 different sizes to accommodate Polaroid, Fuji Instax, and Instagram sized photos.

Available online and at Amazon


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