BANDAI NAMCO Issues New Type of Fighting Game Title

BANDAI NAMCO to release new genre of mobile fighting game with Google cloud technology

Photo courtesy of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

We caught up with BANDAI NAMCO Dragon Ball Legends Producers, Keigo Ikeda and Toshitaka Tachibana on the upcoming mobile release of desktop console favorite Dragon Ball. This fighting, Player versus Player (PvP) game, powered by Google cloud technology, is run at 50 frames per second and the producers claim it is a "new genre of fighting game" with no decernable delay or latency and allows the average player to be competitive. The title ready for worldwide release on June 30 is going into a US soft-launch (beta?) on Android as we speak and is ready for pre-registration in the US. Check out our interview with our Creative Director, Taiko Fujimura.

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