Loom Releases Some Great New Features to It's Video Platform

Your videos get a personal touch, introducing Avatars

Camera shy? Or maybe just not in the mood to be on video? We understand. 
We build a way to still add a touch of personality to your videos without having to be on camera. 
You can now add an avatar to your camera bubble and record your "Screen Only" Loom video as always. 

What's around the corner for Loom?

HD Recording movie_camera 
Open the floodgates for functionality and high quality recording! We're talking 4K recording! We've got one of our largest developments ever coming out soon... our very own Loom Desktop Application. 
Premium Features heavy_dollar_sign
We have some exciting premium features coming to you very soon. Make sure to vote for your favourite features on our Public Roadmapand keep track of what's coming to Loom in the next months wink


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