Meet Yanu - Fully Autonomous Robot Bartender Powered by AI

If you’ve ever waited at the bar more than a few minutes for a drink, you’ve probably fantasized about the idea of a robot whizzing around, whipping up cocktails, and cashing out customers within seconds. 

Robolab just closed their second seed investment round of  $1 million to fund Yanu - a fully autonomous AI-powered robotic bartender that serves drinks, handles payments, and communicates with customers. Created by Robolab, a robotics startup based in Estonia, Yanu is the smallest small full-size bar in existence, and is headed for several international airports soon.

Yanu is the perfect bartender - complete with a personality to match. It also uses chatbot technology to communicate and facilitates credit card and mobile payments via a mobile app. Created to freely communicate with humans, Yanu is maintainable and relocatable - not to mention stunning to look at.


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