Audi AI:Trail | First Look

The four-seat AI:Trail quattro is Audi’s take on the future of the recreational vehicle and follows on from the Aicon, AI:Me and AI:Race in a series of concepts that explore the shape of the future. Along with its radical styling and uncluttered views comes all-electric powertrain. The AI:Trail is mean, green and the first Audi in the modern era to wear the word Audi on its tail in place of the customary Rings. In spite of its larger-then-life look the AI:Trail (pronounced i-Trail) is actually 335-millimetres shorter than the Q3 — sitting inside it, one would never know as there is space galore! The low beltline and large expanse of glass, including a pane that replaces the traditional grille, gives the cabin a light airy feel and 360-degree views of the road or off-road terrain. There are also large storage areas ahead of the driver (accessed through the lift-up windshield) along with a rear cargo floor that has a compartment for the charging cables. The cabin is also different in that there is no conventional instrumentation. Rather there is a steering wheel and a slot that accommodates a smartphone — it looks after everything from the speed readout and navigation to the infotainment functions in one neat package. Likewise, the camera-based mirrors show the side views in screens mounted to the A-pillars.


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