Loaded Board’s Unlimited X Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit

To win the gift-giving derby during the holidays, we typically get something is either cool, or practical, or clever, or useful, or requires some imagination. Well, how about one gift that does all of this? Loaded Board’s Unlimited X Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit is the item that will make everyone from kids to seniors jump for joy this holiday season.

The intuitive, simple-to-use kit converts almost any skateboard – regardless of size or style – into an electric board. The system also can be used with an endless array of set-up configurations with special trucks and other components. New to the market in 2019, these DIY kits are revolutionizing the e-board industry. Plus, Loaded also provides fine-tuned complete skateboards with the kits using their Icarus, Omakase, and Tesseract decks, for those who aren’t into DIY.

And here’s another interesting point about the boards: this unique gift is all about the environment and community as well. Loaded’s intention with the conversion kit is to support the global e-skate community and impact the dialogue around urban planning, mobility, and transportation alternatives. 
With so many interesting elements, the Ultimate X Conversion Kit is perfect for a wide range of audiences, not to mention all types of holiday gift guides (cool gifts, unique gifts, gifts for both kids and adults, urban gifts, unexpected gifts, etc.). 


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