Surviving a Startup - New Book by Steve Hoffman

Steve Hoffman Shares his Startup Wisdom in his New Book

New entrepreneurial book available now. Steve Hoffman aka Captain Hoff's new book "Surviving a Startup" gives entrepreneurs everything they need to know to overcome seemingly impossible odds and navigate their way to success. 

Here is a snapshot of the interesting sections covered:

Devil’s Candy: Launching a Startup

Raising Venture Capital: Show Me the Money!

Bootstrapping It: Guerrilla Marketing and Growth Hacking

Unicorn Hunters: Finding Your Mojo

Scaling Up: Building a Billion-Dollar Business

Rules to Win By: Growth Leadership

Own Path

Full disclosure: I have been a mentor at Steve's program and the man is amazing. With his busy schedule, he could say two sentences to me and make a big impact. He has helped startups globally and he puts his knowledge into his latest book. I call it a book of startup wisdom.

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jamesanderson said…
Steve Hoffman's "Surviving a Startup" sounds like an invaluable guide for entrepreneurs. The diverse sections cover crucial aspects, and your personal endorsement speaks volumes. Excited about the bonus Founders Space Online Startup Program!
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