First week back at work

Well it was my first week back at work, wife did ok while I was gone although it was really tough for her one day. When I got home I could tell i had to grab baby quick and do some long time holding even though I was still in work clothes but I was happy to do it. Friday night was cool, got to go to the House of Prime Rib with the fantasy football league ate to the point past where I should have. Again when I got home wife was on her cell calling me for help, perfect timing and I spent the next couple hours walking baby around the loft while wife passed out. Baby has been improving this weekend, sleeping durations seem to be longer, poops more regular, lets hope that trend continues. Big outings for us have been walking her around in the stroller about 10 blocks to the local Starbucks, sitting in the Sun for a bit then racing home before baby loses her mind. Our stroller is the cheapest you can find, we are toying with the idea of getting a nicer one given that walks we take her on are pretty damn bumpy. Oh god wife is watching some horrible movie right now about some teens at some school who are given a vid cam and they put their stories on film. Imagine a bunch of home videos of dysfunctional families, yeah great, not.


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