Murphys Law

Omg, I’m so exhausted right now, its insane. Wife has been in a lot of bodily healing pain plus feedings plus holding Sophia kills her back. So this morn I made the run to babies r us for more amazing baby crap and then I got the call from our “friend” the massuse that she was sick and could not make it till this weekend. I knew was illin, so I called International Orange and bit the bullet and told them I want an hour for her. This is in the Fillmore, so we make the family drive and I tell wife to have a blissful time.

As soon as she gets out of the car, baby begins to flip out, so I give her the pinky. Pinky satisfies for a bit but crying resumes, then I hear the poo, lots of it, no really lots of it. I open my present of exploding everywhere, it was even on her shoulders. Now you have to remember I’m in the back seat of a prius, with a car seat, which means limited, very limited changing space, and the windows are up and its getting hot to boot. I get the gear out and begin the baby wipe prison shower, at least it seemed that way to Sophia, she was not happy about cold wet wipes all over her. I’m now sweating, trying to wipe, get the diaper away from my cloth interior and get the caked onesy off. It was like a Gladiator battle scene, not pretty, in the end I got everything me, her, the car about 90% clean, and got 100% glares from the Fillmore yuppie dilitants. Remind me to never leave home again. Time for a nap zzzzzzz.


sayonaraML said…
i really dig the blog...very informative, creative use of the word poo, tragically funny.
Adolfo said…
yes I pride myself on pulling all punches, I'm nothing short of a literary genius don't u think?
kim garrison said…
yeah have i told you i miss you yet???
i am gonna try and come up soon to see the baby. and you of course.

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