Most expensive Pizza

Yesterday was a bit hectic, Sophia was uber fussy and we couldnt figure out why. We pulled out all the tricks and she was having none of it. Round 4am we figured out it was due to the fact that the remainder of her cord was about to drop. She finally exahusted herself and we got to sleep from 4am-9am, it was heaven. Sure enough her belly button remains dropped out today, very cool.

Last night I was craving my fave Bravo Pizza in the ghetto of Geneva/Mission, I ran in to pick up my order but there were no spots so I took the far end of a red zoned bus stop. Of course I see a couple of sf's finest flat foots walking bye then I went running out to explain. My talking saved me the $200 for bus stop parking but they would not budge on the red zone, so my pizza dinner ended up costing me about $95 ummm good pizza, sigh....


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