Walking in my hood yesterday

We got out of our cage for a bit to enjoy our hood, little did we know how cold and windy it was but that was not about to stop the 3 of us. Our hood is made up of lots of really great design companies and we happened to stumble upon 2 really great new furniture shops.

Cisco Home
has an amazing new show room, you would never guess that this innocuous 16th street business would house such a great space. The front of the show room is made up of a nice selection of contemporary pieces where the rear is composed of more traditional wood type stuff. Robert (Sales Associate) tells me they are having a floor sample sale this weekend, so check them out.

Right upstairs from Cisco Home is the uber green eco terric store, as their name implies the furniture, flooring, home supplies, and clothing are made up of fair trade environmentally friendly items. They seem very hard core into what they do which is refreshing, there is not alot of color and items are on the pricier side but then again you'd pay a premium to not kill the planet right?


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