10/20 SF New Tech: Red Vines, EasySign, AdRoll, Nimbb, VideoGenie

If you don't know by now we flat out love SF New Tech, yes we do have the honor of being a media partner but even if we didn't we would beg, borrow or steal to get in to their events. It's just flat out the best meetup in the bay area, we are amazed by how many (and how often) quality startups they showcase. The next meetup on 10/20 is no exception we will most definitely be at Mighty and if your there find us and say hello. Get tickets

Red Vines

Red Vines
Mike Kelly, Consumer Communications Manager
American Licorice Company began making Red Vines in San Francisco in 1920. While the process used to make Red Vines hasn’t changed much in nearly 100 years, the technology used to market the brand is changing dramatically. Introducing the Red Vines World of Sharing, a social media platform engineered to spread goodwill and happiness from the Bay Area to the world. http://www.redvines.com


EasySign Sunil Patro, Founder
EasySign enables you to sign any document using your iPhone or iPod Touch without any need for printing, scanning and/or faxing. http://www.easysignmobile.com


Adam Berke, Co-Founder & Head of Accounts
AdRoll has created an array of advanced display advertising techniques for small and medium-sized businesses. These include, personalized retargeting, sequenced ads, contextual targeting, and other methodologies that had previously only been available to the largest brands and agencies. We offer all of these techniques with powerful campaign and reporting tools that empower any marketer. http://www.adroll.com


Benjamin Berube, President, D2Soft Technologies Inc.
Nimbb is a webcam API for integrating video recording in any website. Use it in your site for anything that needs quick users video (testimonial, video blog, information video, video contest, etc.)http://nimbb.com

Justin Nassiri, Founder & CEO
VideoGenie helps brands broadcast their fans across the web, through constrained video recording (no editing!), social sharing, and targeted display. http://www.videogenie.com


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