Failcon 2010 Embrace Your Mistakes Build Success

FailCon is the premier conference on start-up failures and how to prepare and recover from them. Register Now

On October 25th, 2010, join over 400 entrepreneurs, developers, investors, marketers, service providers, press, and more at this year’s FailCon, called a “breath of fresh air” by NBC, a “big success” by Wired.

You aren’t a real entrepreneur until you’ve had to deal with failure, and recovering from it – financially emotionally and practically – can be challenging. Hear how major players in the industry have dealt with failure, recovered from it, and kept a positive, tenacious, and energetic attitude through it all.

What Will You Learn This Year?
* How do VCs handle failing investments?
* Online Privacy: How do respect your users while still making money?
* What do you do when digital communication and PR goes bad?
* How do you sell your business successfully and efficiently?
* How do you financially prepare for the possibility of failure: legally, fiscally, and in your team?
* What have some of the leading executives today learned from their past experiences?
* How do you recover from a failed product or marketing campaign?
* When should you move into the mobile space without wasting resources?
* How might a start-up ruin your life & how do you balance it all?
* And more!


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