How NBC, McDonalds, and ItiBiti are Crushing the Desktop

“Were seeing 16 almost 17 minutes per day of engagement" those numbers are stratospheric.

Launched in 2008, ItiBiti delivers a private-label consumer engagement platform for the computer desktop (with a mobile version in development for Q1 2011). This app provides an all-in-one social media entertainment and communications platform that is fully customized for each client, providing the ability to launch with their own exclusive content, promotions and advertising. The app is designed to instantly connect the brand with consumers the moment they log-on to their computer.

This creates a truly unique custom branded environment that offers exclusive content, sophisticated communication tools and access to their favorite online communities, providing our clients a powerful opportunity to create deeper and richer relationships with their customers. This customized private label communications platform extends the reach of traditional web properties, while acting as a catalyst to drive web traffic back to a destination.

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