12seconds is shutting down, can video startups survive?

Today we are announcing the end of 12seconds.

Why?  As you probably know, everything has a life cycle.  12seconds is in its twilight.  After all the new product launches and attempts at a revenue model, fundraising with VCs and late night coding sessions with Jacob hunched over his monitors - it's time to call it.  It is time to end 12seconds.

I have been fans of video startups in the past such as Seesmic Video, Phreadz, Tokbox and 12secconds. These services are either gone, withering, or in limbo (Tokbox being the only exception). I've had the pleasure of meeting Sol one of the founders of 12seconds and he was nothing short of a gentleman, we are sad to see the Santa Cruz based startup close it's doors. It's ironic given just the other night I see a brand new startup called Nimbb offering a free 30 second web webcam recording feature. The Nimbb business model is charging clients $30/month to access their api, at first I thought this is too much when there are free options but now I see that it's imperative for this vertical to launch with a revenue model in place. But this is about 12seconds, they did a lot of things right, their community of users and the loyalty they displayed were fantastic. So to Sol and the rest of the 12seconds staff and community I tip the hat and wish you all well on your next adventure. -Adolfo


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