Quitbit The first smart lighter and app to track smoking. #makerfaire

With the Quitbit smart lighter you can track your smoking, set custom reduction plans, limit when it lights, and build new behaviors.

If you can measure it, you can manage it.

The Quitbit lighter tracks your smoking habits. The app helps you understand yourself and your habits to help you achieve your goals.

What is the Quitbit?

Quitbit is a smart lighter and app that helps you understand your smoking. Quitbit has a display to provide feedback so you can make smarter decisions. Gradually cut back at your own pace, set custom plans, and personalize when and how the lighter works to help achieve your goals.

How does the Quitbit Work?

The Quitbit lights cigarettes using a heating element, similar to car lighters. The electronics count each cigarette that is lit. The display on the Quitbit shows details about your smoking habits, like how many cigarettes you’ve smoked and how long it’s been since your last one. They have built some smarts into the Quitbit to keep track of only your smoking. Whether you’re just flicking your lighter or sharing it with friends, the Quitbit ensures that accurate data is collected.

Quitbit connects to your smartphone using the latest wireless technology, Bluetooth LE. Use the app to set reduction targets and see how much money you’ve saved by cutting back. Understand yourself and your triggers. You can even set it to automatically disable the lighter once you reach your daily target.

Use the understanding you gain from the Quitbit to reduce your smoking and when you’re ready, stop altogether.


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