Ooyala's Q1 Video Trends is Out - Cord Cutting is In

Big Data Video Seer Ooyala Releases Q1 Video Observations

Ooyala, the big data company focused on premium video content has just released it's Q1 report on global video content. This report reflects the online video metrics of the vast majority of Ooyala’s 500+ customers, whose collective audience of hundreds of millions of viewers spans nearly every country in the world. Check out some of the findings.

Here are some of the findings and failings

  • Pay-TV operators also had their worst first quarter ever in terms of subscriber loss, with more than 802,000 customers cutting the cord
  • More U.S. households now have a broadband connection than a pay-TV connection.
  • In North America, Mobile plays reached a tad over 50% of all video plays in the quarter, up from 48% a year ago.
  • Time spent watching long-form content on smartphones has exploded
  • Viewing in the West peaks twice, once between 8–9 a.m. and again between 8–9 p.m.

  •  Asia-Pacific region, which, along with Latin America, has the world’s highest smartphone penetration rates among Internet users, has seen explosive mobile growth. In Q1, 61% of all video plays were on mobile.
  • Millennials and Gen Edge viewers say they spend more than half of their viewing time watching screens other than TVs,
  • ad blocking continues to be a major conundrum for the industry as it reached new levels in 2016 and accelerated early this year.

Click here to get Ooyala's Report.


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