rolling out of bed

ok so I woke at 4:30am an improvement on the pain of 2:30am yesterday. i've got alot more to catch up on in terms of the ride home from Sappa and the whole Cambodia section, i know i know. in the meantime a cool link.

Time Out magazine and Deaf Dumb & Blind Communications are launching The Other Side today. Unlike other travel guides you've seen before these guides are hosted by native DJs who not only curate a CD with music that gives a vibe of the city, they also serve as the hosts of the DVD, which features video tours of must-see and must-do things that are slightly off the radar. Clever. The first three city guides (The Other Side of New York featuring Fischerspooner, The Other Side of London featuring Damian Lazarus and The Other Side of Paris featuring Black Strobe) drop today. Expect another three cities every six months. Produced by URBANATION which have additional content on their site.


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