Safe in Saigon

So the wife and myself arrived here in Saigon today via Tapai China. I feel like i've been at some all night rave and its the next evening and i cant figure out if i should sleep or drink more coffee. I'm still in work mode and i'm worrying how my loose ends are getting tied at present.

Anyhow its humid and crowded here, kinda like a dirty new york in shorts. The first thing you notice is the insane amount of scooters, they move like a living organism. Crossing the street here is playing the lotto with your life each time. So much for the relaxing vacation so far, but it's really exciting.

There does seem to be quite a bit of pollution and things are just kinda dirty in some places but it seems with the new influx of money (via tourism etc..) things are definately on the up and up. I'm seeing neon billboards everywhere and small businesses are thriving, very exciting from an economical perspective.

Gonna do some touring tomorrow as tonight was a stroll around the hotel/touristy area. Ok I need some serious downtime now so i'm off, red star yo. Adolfo


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