(7mins) Nerd Stalker interviews Bob Thomson, Founder of Scotland based company Storm Ideas at MIX09, they are a BizSpark featured startup featuring an amazing web application called COLAAB.

Colaab showcases some of the most practical real world usage of both Silverlight and Deep Zoom technology we have seen. I was blown away by the way they efficiently handle gigantic image/asset sizes, I see this solution ideally suited for ad agency types, though perfectly capable of solving most other collaboration requirements as well.

Colaab has one of the most impressive and just plain gorgeous interfaces, we are just blown away by all the features as well. Another plus is that this is all done in the browser and is hosted by Colaab so no overhead to you.

Colaab has a free account and tiered pricing model, again nice to see a service charging for a compelling solution. Bob and Johnathan were two of the nicest guys we met at the MIX09 conference, I mean how can you not like a guy in a Kilt?


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