Seesmic Desktop - The Definitive Twitter Client

Seesmic has just released a Twitter client called, "Seesmic Desktop" and although it's only a 0.1 preview release I have to say that this application has set the new standard for this space.

What I found most interesting was:
  • This was a Total Code Rewrite, they are working with Adobe and seem to really be pushing what AIR is capable of.
  • Columns are all in one container, a great ux (and Tweetdeck like) improvement
  • Duplicate post killer, smart enough to feed you one, very nice.
  • A dropdown at the top that is smart enough to know what acct your replying from based on which it was sent to, very slick.
  • Detachable columns
  • Same partner services for distribution and url shortening with more coming.
  • Drag and drop twitpic integration.
  • Video is currently not supported but coming soon.
  • Groups or as they call them "userlists".
  • Again I must emphasize the support for multiple accounts is the absolute slam dunk, until everyone supports that, they aren't even in the same league.
I would advise you all to go to here to sign up and give it a try, great functionality for a preview release app and we hope it's only going to get better.

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