Insta Commerce on Your Site with TinyPay.Me

" is the easiest way to put up anything for sale in less than 60 seconds. Your item will immediately be for sale on its own item page. All of the items you have for sale are listed on your profile page. We've put a lot of work into making sure that your item will end up where most people are willing to buy it. Places like Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can connect to them automatically so will notify your followers of everything that’s going on with your items. With, there are no accounts. Just having a PayPal account is enough to start selling and to receive payments.

For each successful sale we will credit your PayPal account immediately. No waiting. No hassle. provides you with the right tools to quickly sell physical stuff. Set a quantity for your products so you won’t oversell. Set additional shipment costs for different countries and regions. Upload digital items up to 1 GB in size and sell them on our platform. We make sure that your buyers receive a download link after they complete the payment." -Read More


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