Validating Ideas Through Prototyping

Chris Risdon - Validating Ideas Through Prototyping from UIDesign Group on Vimeo.
"The usefulness of prototyping is well established. Prototypes better communicate the experience of products and services than static documentation. This recognition has brought out many tools that make prototyping faster and easier. But just recognizing that you need to prototype in your design process is not enough. Prototypes can serve many different purposes as well as communicate to different audiences, such as stakeholders, users, and developers. We're moving beyond simply evangelizing prototyping and now understanding different prototypes for context specific circumstances.

In this session we will tackle prototyping specifically to test and validate design ideas and concepts with users. These prototypes aren't for stakeholders nor developers, but end users. These prototypes aren't for usability testing, they are for testing conceptual frameworks and applications patterns. After you've done your research, synthesized and made meaning of all your data, sketched your ideas, you'll want to test these concepts with real users.

We'll learn what considerations need to be made when prototyping for testing concepts with users, and take a practical look at one of the tools used for this testing, Apple's Keynote. I'm tool agnostic, and recognize that different methods and applications are appropriate for different prototyping scenarios, but Keynote is cheap, flexible, allows for a wide range of fidelity, and has a low learning curve, making it perfect for our 90 minutes together."


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