LunaTik Touch Pen

Very Nice.

From Kickstarter:

The LunaTik Touch Pen seamlessly goes from paper to tablet with a click of a button.

It writes. Both ways!

Thank you for checking out our LunaTik Touch Pen project. Ever since we launched the TikTok+LunaTik Watch Kits on Kickstarter last year we have been constantly asked when we were going to do another project. Well, we have been working on a variety of ideas which we plan to launch in the near future. One of the first ideas is a simple and obvious solution inspired by the way we work between the analog and digital worlds every day.

Paper and pen will never be replaced. However, more and more people are embracing their iPads and tablets to take notes and capture ideas in a new hybrid analog-digital workflow. These users continuously switch between paper and touch screen during the day. This means they require both a traditional ink pen and a digital stylus.
While both are great on their own we would prefer to have our everyday pen be compatible with iPads and tablets with a click of a button eliminating the need to carry both items. This was the inspiration for the LunaTik Touch Pen. The idea was born from a desire to integrate our pen of choice, the rollerball, with the digital stylus.

The Lunatik Alloy Touch Pen is manufactured from premium materials and features an aircraft grade aluminum barrel, a die cast clip that is hard coated with PVD plating, high grade silicone rubber grip as well as our patent-pending dual mode tip that allows you to seamlessly use the LunaTik Pen with any touch screen. Our custom engineered materials are designed to meet our demanding specifications for touch screen responsiveness and flow. And on paper, the Touch Pen uses precision Japanese rollerball components for a fluid inking experience.
We are also offering a LunaTik Plastic Touch Pen in a range of colors that are more expressive and less expensive in case you are always losing your pens like us. :)
With either the Alloy or Plastic Touch Pens, going from paper to screen is as natural and simple as clicking your pen like you always have. Once you have transitioned to the digital side you have endless ways to express yourself with the same pen through a wide range of note taking and creative apps. While we love multi-touch as much as anyone we believe that the stylus is an important tool for certain types of precision input that fingers were not designed for.

So here is where you come in. Designing products is what we, MINIMAL, do day-in and day-out for big brands. We also enjoy designing our own products. But as with TikTok+LunaTik, funding, minimum order quantities, manufacturing and distributing a new product and category is a whole other story. Kickstarter is a great way for us to test and realize many of the ideas that we have in our small studio that we believe people will love but big companies are too scared or too slow to do. And we love creating cool stuff without the big company politics and indecision. We believe in the emerging power of community and the individual to bring ideas to life and challenge convention.
Products take a lot of time and money to develop and launch. Here are some areas where the pledge money helps to make the product a reality.
  • Tooling & Development. Our tooling and development will be approximately $50,000 based on the current designs.
  • Minimum Order Quanities (MOQs). Factories often require MOQs  thousands of units per design. This is a huge risk for a startup. Kickstarter can validate whether you should produce the product or not.
  • Patents. The patents we have filed protect this simple idea from being knocked off by every pen manufacturer on the planet. We hope someday all pens have this functionality. Just not next week. Everyone wants the Kickstarter products they support to stay original and unique longer than that.
  • Development trips. Ideas are worthless without execution. Over the next several months we will need to go to Asia to manage and oversee development, tooling and production to make sure the products live up to your expectations.
With your support we are targeting to have these products in your hands by April. We hope that you are inspired and excited by the idea and choose to support the project. Either way please spread the word and share with your friends.


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