Did You Know You Can Share Multiple iPhone/Android Pictures Easily?

We are not sure what the app's name means but KAYAC's Photobag is an app that allows you to share unlimited pictures from your mobile device with your friends. There is no site registration required and all you need is a secret access code to share unlimited pictures with your friends. The catch is that they are only available free for a limited time. After that time, one will need to “feed” their honey bear with some money to access the pictures.

We tested this app and it is very simple which is what Nerd Stalkers like. The navigation bar has four settings Download, Upload, History and Settings. Download is for access to your friends pictures via a Photobag "magic" code. Upload is to share the photos with your friends and family. History allows you to look at Pics you have uploaded or download and allows you to invite friends to the service and Settings allow you to invite friends and see how many hour credits you have.

You get more free hours of sharing time the more friends you invite into the app. Input the Nerd Stalker code "zt3gnd" into the "Input invitation code" selection in settings to give us more Photobag sharing hours.

This app is downloadable in the iPhone App Store and the Android Market.

Side Note: To promote Photobag, KAYAC ran a campaign at SXSW by making personalized Manga-style cards for the event audience and distributing them through the Photobag app. KAYAC attracted over 200 people to create the Manga cards.


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