SF New Tech Mobile Tech Night Recap

  1. The night started with what first appeared like a an odd niche solution for booking conference rooms called Moki Mobility. The solution was essentially you mount an ipad on every conference room at your work and it tells you the availability of the room and you can reserve said room via the ipad right there if its available, kooky no? I thought so too at first until I realized this is just the use case that sits on top of a more powerful device management system and that is the sell, its essentially a platform. The question how can this company differentiate itself in such a crowded space?
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    mokinetworks administering iOS devices & managing conference room schedules. #sfnt #skiingsbetterinutah
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    Beintoo(@Beintoo) helps you easily create achievements for users within your apps Live: ht.ly/9wsWT #sfnt
  4. The next startup to present was an established Italian company called Beintoo. Beintoo seemed like a virtual currency company like so many but it has a gamification reward sharing proposition that could possibly resonate with some. Not exactly my cup of tea but there is definitely a business here.
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    .@slooce has created an API and a platform that makes it 'really easy' for brands to connect with users via SMS. Also, mobile billing. #sfnt
  6. CardFlick is back at SF New Tech to demo the improved iPhone app and more. Card Flick is the most beautiful card sharing solution out there period, the app has been greatly improved and optimized on ios. There is a new browser design interface that should make designing your card super easy they did show some gorgeous examples. There is an eminent Android version about to be released so look for that some time in early spring.
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    Create an awesome looking business card with #cardflick. Seen at #sfnt.
  9. Viewdle was another very cool demo, super impressive deep technology, the first thing I thought was Microsoft Kinect minus the need for a piece of hardware. This solution could and is running on phones and could run on tv's or anything with a camera in it and the right amount of smarts.
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    .@Viewdle started out as a face recognition, now is 'computer vision tech' via smart devices for #AR, gaming, social networking, ++. #sfnt
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    Viewdle - See the World Through Computer Vision


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