Astroid Mining, Win Phone, CodeNow, HTML5 Media Center

Adolfo Foronda (@nerdstalker) and Greg Viloria (@SocialGreg) Weekly Picks for the Nerd Stalker Techweek Podcast:

  • A tale of two acquisitions: A few thoughts on the $1 billion bets by Microsoft and Facebook
  • Windows Phone trainwreck rollout? My thoughts.
  • White House ask: Tell us your startup story | @scoopit / Speeding Up Innovation and Entrepreneurship With the White House's Startup America Initiative via @HuffPostBiz
  • Mystery company backed by James Cameron and Google executives may be an asteroid mining project.

Speed round, what our community is talking about and wants to hear about:

  • Facebook App Bug Can Steal Your Account Info—If a Hacker Grabs Your Phone [Security] HTML5 Media Center
  • Carriers Band to Fight Cellphone via @allthingsd
  • Mix.js
  • Former RIM CEO Resigned Because His Ideas Were Too Good via @Gizmodo

Social Greg’s Tip of the Week:
Adolfo’s Tip of the Week: Add Hands-Free Reading to Any Web Page

btrax’s Japanese Entrepreneur Week:

  • April 24: [Event] Next Business Dojo on 4/24 is "Effective Presentation Skill in America" by btrax's CEO - BrandonKHill!
  • April 25: SF New Tech: the 4th SF New Tech Japan Night
  • April 26: learn how to navigate finding cross-cultural talent @btrax & @AsiaSociety's event 4/26 in SF: Spread the word!
  • April 27: SF Japan Night After Party @ CitizenSpace

May 10 - Taste of Potrero benefit for public school.

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