Rim Win Phone Dead, Facebook Search, AirBnB Tech Week

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Adolfo Foronda (@nerdstalker) and Greg Viloria (@SocialGreg) Weekly Picks for the Nerd Stalker Techweek Podcast:

Speed round, what our community is talking about and wants to hear about:

  • Tweet Seats: A Special Section In Theaters For… | Bit Rebels http://bit.ly/GTJdaz 
  • Lumia 900 Nokia Windows Phone 
  • Half of U.S. homes own Apple products | @scoopit via @rsaltzhe http://bit.ly/H2ssbl 
  • Selling used Android phones poses huge identity theft risk, expert says http://bit.ly/H7Erkk via BGR oh and Instagram is now on Android 
  • Yahoo lays off 2000 
  • Microsoft releases Star Wars for Kinect 

Social Greg’s Drippler Tip of the Week:
Benchmarked: New iPad’s A5X vs iPad 2′s A5 vs Tegra 3 http://ht.ly/a0gil
Adolfo’s Tip of the Week:
PubMyCal Sends Readable Google Calendar Itineraries by Email http://www.pubmycal.com/

SF New Tech: What’s the 411 event, 4/25 - the 4th SF New Tech Japan Night
May 10 - Taste of Potrero benefit for public school. http://www.tasteofpotrero.com
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