Are You Getting Your Return On Influence?

We were honored to interview again, Mark W Schaefer, author of a great book about Influence - "Return on Influence." This book explains what the seven tenants of influence is in the digital era and how Klout has turned regular people into product influencers. Listen to some great insights and backstories of the book from Mark.

"Influence used to be just checking the right boxes(best school, high profile job, etc.) influence has be democratized"

"This is the world of the citizen influencer"

"In the on-line world, we are starved for badges of Social Proof like Twitter followers, or number of Likes"

Mark explains in this interview of the contrasts of influence in the off-line world and the on-line. In the digital world, influence has been changed by the internet, social networks and mobile devices. He cites Robert Cialdini's six principles of influence and adds his own which is "content." Mark has great stories about Klout's Joe Fernandez and how Klout measures how your contents moves, areas of influence that each of us has and how we influence others. 

SocialGreg's Uptake

For you social media types, this book explains how social capital is earned and how we look for "badges of proof" in the on-line world. The forward by Lee Rainie from Pew Research discusses what Inlfuence means in the digital age Mark provides over a dozen of influence marketing case studies which we all can identify with. The second half of the book is devoted to an insiders look into Klout and even offers some advice how to improve your Klout score. 

This book is available at, or in e-reader versions at  iTunes, Kindle and Nook.


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