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Google winter cleaning
Google: We Don't Plan to Build Apps for WinPho8 via @Gizmodo
Google Maps on ios, MS surface sales, ms surface costs more than ipad to build
Employers: More Employees With Personal Mobile Devices Means More Problems In The Workplace via @NealSchaffer

Speed Round:

Schmidt defends Google’s tax avoidance strategy, says sheltering profits is perfectly legal and robots taking jobs is okay.
THE END OF SMARTPHONES: Here's A Computer Screen On A Contact Lens via @SAI
Enigma hero Alan Turing should be pardoned, leading scientists claim 
Delta App Faces California Suit via @allthingsd

Nerd Stalker Tips of the Week:

Best Android Apps for your new Android Phone


MacWorld Jan 31 - Feb 2 2013 Moscone Center West SF.


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