Do You Have the Right Tag - Interview with Saul Fleischman of RiteTag

From promoting events to trying to get on everyones tablet news reader, Hashtags seem to be the way of life. We talk with Saul Fleischman, founder of RiteTag, a hashtag optimizing web application. Saul discusses being a distributed startup in different time zones, how to find the right partners and has an interesting story tying the 2011 Tohoku earthquake/tsunami  with the creating of his new web application.

Introducing Saul Fleischman- the RiteTag Guy

Challenges  in Creating a Collaborative Community: "Getting Everyone Online where everyone is spread around the World"

Monetization: "Creating Custom (Hasttag) Reports, it costs us every time we do an API call"

"If you are selling something on ebay, selecting the right hashtag may lead to new eyeballs on the thing you want to sell"

Where is Ritetag Going? 

"Getting Ritetag integrated into Browsers"

"...more networks, like image networks"

"...focusing on getting better results...continuing refining the results in reports"

SocialGreg's Uptake

When launching a new service or event, figuring out the hashtags to help broadcast can be challenging. Saul's new web application service maybe the right thing to focus on the right hashtag. Sometimes finding the tag isn't about finding the most popular but most unique to start a new viral action. This application seems to help you do both. 

His interesting insights on using Google+ to collaborate with his team was born out of moving a fairly active LinkedIn community to Google+. He felt collaborating with a chat feature was very important. I tend to agree. Using Skype has been the standard for collaboration for many years but the lack of interactive collaboration seems to be a badly missed feature. If you add an app like Cacoo for document collaboration Google+ can be very powerful. Give Saul's RiteTag a shot and if you still aren't sure "hangout" with Saul on Google+. He will show you how to collaborate.


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