Big Idea Prize Winner Plans to Build Sustainable Businesses Through Co-op Model

We wrote a story in November of last year on a Sustainable Graduate School in San Francisco offering a "free ride" scholarship for a lucky person. Well, Presidio Graduate School, has chosen the winner - Hilary Abell. Hilary's idea is to create scalable co-op business network helping the lower income working adult. Walt Pounds, angel investor and judge said: "Hilary's proposal was a clear winner for me.  Although I suspect cooperatives have many challenges, it appears that [Hilary's team] are experienced and committed. Well written application and justification with personal credentials included. Glad to have this one." In our follow-up interview, listen to Hilary as she describes the idea that won her the scholarship valued at over $60,000.

The Big Idea Unboxed

"Our big idea is to launch a network of scalable co-operative businesses in the Bay Area"

"The goal is to create high quality jobs and business ownership opportunities for low income people who are currently working poor"

"We will be creating a incubator and developer of co-operative businesses"


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