Gadgets to Look Out for in 2014

Photo by Ruby Media Corporation for Finances Online
Thanks to our friends at, our nerdy crew looks at the winners, contenders, game changers and even the clunkers of 2013 through the power of the infographic. The infographic covers the gadget categories of Smartphones, Tablets, Gaming Systems, Wearables, Other Gadgets, Mobile Apps and Mobile OS. Here are the criteria for each category and what they mean: 

  • Winners: They’re a cut above the rest. Best in class. Clear standouts.
  • Contenders: Would have been winners, but beaten to the tape by millimeters.
  • Game changers: There’s something to them that might upset the old order and start a whole new way of doing things.
  • Clunkers: Bright ideas when they were rolled out, but consumers didn’t think so.

Best Gadgets 2013
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