Curiyo Goes Mobile With User Generated Feature Called My2¢

Curiyo releases mobile feature that allows people to participate in trending news in their localized language

Today, the simplest information source on the web world goes mobile with a new feature. Curiyo is releasing its information service on Google Play store and Apple iTunes with a new feature called My2¢. Rewind. Curiyo allows users as a web plug-in to view relevant information on the web in concise cards. The mobile look and feel follows the Curiyo user interface of "cards" and digestable information in one place so that we can assess quickly if it is relevant for our consumption. My2¢ is the plus on the Curiyo screen. Another feature allows users to find trending news based on their localized language and allows users to comment on trending news . I can only describe this as a mashup of reddit, wikipedia, social network and news network. We talk with serial entrepreneur Bob Rosenschein, former CEO of, about their new mobile features including My2¢. As a bonus,  Bob also talks about the Israeli startup culture.

"We want to be known as the simplest information source"

Bonus Feature

Bob Rosenschein Talks About Israeli Startup Culture


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