The Nerd Stalker Tech Week Update - Stress, DNA Computers & Exoskeletons

Adolfo & Greg Talk About Trending Weekly Tech News

Adolfo Foronda and Greg Viloria discuss the weekly tech news in their mind's eye. Check it out!

Nerd Stalker Picks of the Week:

  1. IT Worker Stress Levels Rise in Summer Months
  2. Organic ‘Computers’ Made of DNA Could Process Data Inside Our Bodies
  3. Exoskeleton lets paralysed man walk again using his own muscles
  4. eHarmony Expands Brand to Match People With the Perfect Job
  5. Watch: Six Flags has an insanely scary new ‘4D’ roller coaster for you
  6. Japan's top-grossing mobile game Monster Strike pulled from Apple's App Store (Update: back up)

Speed Round:

  1. Netflix releases Sleepy Puppy, an open-source tool to track XSS vulnerabilities across multiple apps
  2. This Nonprofit Makes Halloween Costumes for Kids in Wheelchairs
  3. Car cassette slot mistaken for iPhone dock, and also the real deal
  4. Unique drone unveiled by Sony is half-copter, half-plane, all awesome  
  5. String Bean, The featherweight responsive CSS Framework based on a 16-point system

Tips of the Week:

  1. 10 minute Content Management for your Tweets per day with BuzzSumo

  1. Digital Kids Summit
  2. Only for Startups: September / October Founders Space Events 


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