Weekend Must Watch: Iowa Entrepreneurs Bring Back Main Street

Square Introduces 2nd Short Film about Business and Entrepreneurship -  Made in Iowa

Photo courtesy of Square 

This is a story about a small town, Webster City, who was devastated by a closure of a long time factory. Not an uncommon story. Residents of Webster City, Iowa gather with a boatload of dreams and determination and a "refusal to die" to bring back "main street" Webster city. The story focuses on a former factory worker that brings life back to an iconic theater which in turn brings life back to main street Webster City. Square launched a new brand campaign early this year, a series of films highlighting small business success stories. The first in the series is called “For Every Kind of Dream”, a story about the home of Yassin’s Falafel House in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Check it out.

The Nerd Stalker Team

Small Business Approach to Bringing Back a Former Factory Town

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