BMW, Bruce Willis vs Apple, Linux Bday, All Hail The Inebriator

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This week's Nerd Stalker Techweek Podcast Picks:

The not very tabletly Windows 8 tablets of IFA via @arstechnica (:37)

JQuery now runs on every second website. (5:27)

Google Can Now Automatically Tag Objects Within Videos via @PSFK (8:42)

Boost Productivity By Working From Home, Really! (10:04)

BMW's DriveNow program rolls out in San Francisco this week to introduce their ActiveE electric car (14:39)

Bruce Willis may sue Apple over rights to his iTunes library (17:30)

Speed Round: 

Korean scientists may have found the lithium battery charging holy grail via @AdvancedTechKR (21:00)

The Inebriator Is An Incredible Arduino-Powered Bartender (23:05)

Happy Birthday, Linux: Raise a Glass via @pcworld (24:03)

Textmate the amazing IDE has went open source (24:42)

California moves on driverless cars via @SFBusinessTimes (25:52)

Tip of the Week:

SocialGreg's Tip: Marshall's First Stab at Home Audio Will Rock Your Apartment Hard via @Gizmodo (26:25)
Adolfo's Tip: Exobrain (27:40)


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