Cinegif Makes Animated GIFs More Engaging

We interviewed Graham McFarland, CEO and founder of Cinegif, an Austin based startup focused on bringing a new animated GIF to the market called Cinegifs. Cinegifs are small, professional quality clips that can make the "digital world a more interesting place." Graham explains where Cinegifs are being used and what services are more Gif friendly than others.

Cinegif Moves Animated GIFs Between Pictures and Videos for Better Engagement

In the intro segment, Graham talks about the beginning of Cinegif and the categories where these professional quality GIFs can help marketers and brands get more clicks. He outlines the areas where their product is being used - e-mail marketing to video teasers. Graham also talks about sites more friendly to GIFs (and it isn't Facebook or Twitter).

Cinegif's Business Model is About Creating Value for Bigger Brands

Graham discusses their business model which centers around helping brands make more money. Their challenge is that Cinegif is creating their market as they go forward. He describes the creative use process for Cinegifs which is just like the stock photo business.

SocialGreg's Uptake

Just like any startup - interested investor, interesting technology and a small team. Cinegifs sit between pictures and videos - more engaging than photos and smaller and easier to create than videos. The small size of the GIF and using it on web media like fashion e-commerce sites and video trailers made the service very attractive to me. The ease of creation from the cloud and the quality is something to check out.

You can reach Graham at and Cinegif's site is at

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