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We caught up with Bruce Carlisle, President and Co-founder of Conference Hound between his conference jaunts and startup work. Conference Hound provides conference attendees a way to find conferences in their favorite citys and to provide event organizers a path for promotion in this greater than $200 Billion industry. In this interview, Bruce talks about the problem they are solving and some of the creative ways that Conference Hound is trying to take a piece of that multi-billion dollar conference industry.

Figuring Out How to Solve Conferencegoer Problems

In this introductory segment, Bruce discusses his background as a 18 year advertising executive and entrepreneur. He discusses how this $263 billion industry is currently being served, the issues of conference attendance and the start to what is today Conference Hound.  

No Shortage of Ideas to Aggregate Data for Conference Hound

In this segment, Bruce discusses how they receive data for their service.  Among them are APIs, Robots and Human curation. He also discusses what are the top international conference destinations.


... And No Shortage of Conference Hound's Revenue Paths

We talk about their business model and Conference Hound's revenue paths - referral fees, marketing services, vertical industry services, and subscription.

Conference Hounds Roadmap - Lead the Mice to the Cheese

Like most startups, Bruce's roadmap is simple - just do it and keep doing it! To do this, Conference Hound is setting strategic alliances and getting some more funding. Bruce discusses future needs in the conference industry and discusses a more "social" model for conferencegoers.

The Uptake

Conference Hound isn't pretentious. You are not going to get wowed by custom graphics, inspiring images and cool videos. It gives you the conference data you want with no frills and isn't it all about simplicity? The data mining aspect could be a revenue boon for this service so don't sell them short. Conference Hound has a target niche and it is serving a huge market. If you go to conferences for your job, give it a try. 

You can reach Bruce at, @rbcarlisle on twitter and you can reach the service at


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