YouNoodle Helps Startups and Entrepreneurs World-wide Connect

We caught up with Christina Hug of YouNoodle to discuss how their platform and services help entrepreneurs. We discuss their new entrepreneur community platform, their YouNoodle Camp and their SaaS platform for Competition Management called Podium.

Meet the YouNoodle Community

YouNoodle released last week their new user interface for connecting with other entrepreneurs. Christina explains the rationale of YouNoodle's community building which is all about sharing, connecting and getting discovered. 

Bootcamp for Budding Entrepreneurs

In this segment, Christina explains how YouNoodle prepares entrepreneurs around the world for success through their YouNoodle Camp. She has a great success story of entrepreneurs who connected from very diverse backgrounds.

Competition Management Tool Eases Hacker Event Pains

Christina talks about YouNoodle's Podium which helps manage competitions that have multiple judges and multiple participants. Some big names are using their platform.


YouNoodle is just one of those start-ups that get the job the done.  I like the fact that they are like the LinkedIn of start-ups. A support network is important and if you can connect people from around the world, I think you are doing well. With community building, Entrepreneur Camps and a Competition SaaS platform, how can you bet against a start-up that helps other start-ups?


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