Waiting for Your Service Just Got Shorter and Less Stressful

In this Nerd Stalker interview, Greg Viloria aka @SocialGreg, sat down with Yuval Brisker, CEO and co-founder of TOA Technologies (pronounced Toh-Ah) at their Cleveland headquarters. TOA Technologies helps you with the age old problem of "When will your service professional reach your destination?" They bring a unique "personalized" approach to the way people work with their unique time-based solutions.

An Intro to TOA Technologies

To start off the interview, Yuval describes the beginnings and the motivation behind TOA Technologies.

The Philosophy of TOA Business Implementations

In this part, Yuval describes their business model and the philosophy around TOA Technologies implementations. Yuval says "We sell to enterprise businesses or Fortune 500 customers with complex integration and business processes. We sell as a SaaS model but we provide a flexible platform."

Transformation from "feature phones" to "smart devices"

Yuval discusses how they adapted their technology from "feature phones" and WAP to HTML5 development and browser based devices. Yuval says "We believe in having no footprint on any device" and their solutions are purely "Browser based."

The Future of TOA Technologies

Yuval discusses what he sees as the future vision of TOA Technologies. He envisions hat the "social" aspect in the enterprise world as more "collaborative." We want to "democratize information."

TOA Technologies will be at Dreamforce 2012 in a "big way"

We end the interview with some of the new things that TOA Technologies will be bringing to Dreamforce 2012 in San Francisco on September 18.

It was great to sit down and chat with Yuval about the technology behind TOA Technologies. I see applications beyond just service but potentially on the production floor with their techniques. I think their products will make most operations people and industrial engineers drool.

You can catch Yuval


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