WebOS Returns, Instagram, Amazon Wine and More

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This week’s Nerd Stalker Techweek Podcast Picks:

WebOS opens up at last http://is.gd/zc4EgK (:25)
LOL can land your dumb ass in Jail http://bit.ly/Py4tTW via @techdirt (3:58)
Instagram surpasses Twitter in daily active mobile users in U.S. http://is.gd/JcYy6O (7:10)
Tim Cook admits Apple 'fell short' on iOS 6 Maps, suggests third-party alternatives http://bit.ly/QZFR7f (10:43)
Amazon.com Planning Online Wine Sales http://is.gd/o38f5d (16:12)
Calif. Gov. signs law banning employers from asking job applicants for Facebook passwords http://bit.ly/QxVchJ (18:01)

Speed Round:

MetroPCS buyout -- Sprint, Dish and T-Mobile all said to be interested http://bit.ly/QxW0TX (21:41)
Toys That Help Turn Little Girls Into Engineers bit.ly/OlJ190 via @PSFK (23:02)
Adobe Create the Web http://html.adobe.com/ (24:16)
Twitter Changes Discover Tab bit.ly/Qa59j (25:47)

Nerd Stalker Tips of the Week:

Roadify - The best transit mapping app http://bit.ly/P9xPYA (26:50)
RT @i4harold: Five #backup and disaster recovery #tools you might have missed bit.ly/TGROV6 (28:42)


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