A Biohacking Headset to Improve Your Game

Nerd Stalker interviews Michael Oxley, Founder of, is a headset that passes a small electric current through the prefrontal cortex of the wearer and claims increased performance. We've seen a great deal of interest from biohackers however Michael insists that although there may be other use cases for they are squarely targeting gamers.

I got to try the out at the O'reilly Bay Area Maker Faire and was very impressed with the actual sensation I felt across my brain note my odd serious stare is due to the sensation being in effect. I can't speak to increased focus as it was a quick test and not a full use case however we do plan on getting a review unit and giving our readers our thoughts when that happens in July. What we really love about the unit is the price ($249), Michael did say that the unit is aggressively priced on purpose and the fact that they are not seeking additional funding gives the founders the flexibility to make this smart business decision. Our prediction is that the is going to sell like hotcakes so get in line now as the unit will be shipping in July on a first come first serve basis.


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