Maker Faire, XBOX, Arduino, So Much DIY

This week Adolfo Foronda and Greg Viloria discusses their tech picks of the week. Adolfo talks Maker Faire, XBox One,, crazy monks and more. Greg aka SocialGreg talks about Maker Faire, Augmented Illusions, Yahoo!, Ethics of 3D Printers and more.

This week’s Nerd Stalker Techweek Podcast Picks:

XBox One
AR: Technical Illusions and Maker AR, theonerobot, sparkcore, thefenn, micile
Arduino Effect: equivalent to the Guttenberg Press
Blockly google, crazy monkees, ninja standing desk, delta water
Yahoo! Acquisitions

Nerd Stalker’s Speed Round

Utah wants to tax power consumed by the NSA's massive, illegal data-processing facility
The Ethics of 3D Printers--and the Guns They Can Produce
18-year-old’s invention can recharge a cell phone in 30 seconds
Hacking Media Production Podcast: Produce 100 Blog Posts in One Day

Nerd Stalker Tips of the Week

Heart Rate on the iPhone
Yahoo unveils the new Flickr with one terabyte of free space


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