Silicon Slopes Startup Makes Healthcare Costs Comparison Available

On the New Tech Tour, we had a stop in Salt Lake City. We came across an interesting web service in the health space - Pricing Healthcare. The name speaks for itself. Pricing Healthcare allows you to compare prices for local health services at the procedure level so manage your health bills effectively. Our Greg Viloria aka SocialGreg interviews Pricing Healthcare's Founder and CEO - Randy Cox live at the New Tech Tour - Salt Lake City at The State Room.

Comparison Healthcare is a Tough Nut to Crack 

"people in this country are getting killed by the cost of healthcare, companies are going to higher deductibles to get the employees more skin in the game"

"...Obama-care is huge..what it does is cause raise healthcare costs(for the rest of us)"

"The issue is that some companies have tried this before, tried to get this pricing data, but no one can get it, the healthcare industry has no incentive to release that information, it is under lock and key”

"What we are doing is going to the American people, the data is out there, in all our health bills"

SocialGreg's Uptake

With Obama-care around the corner, healthcare concerns are not alieviated from the middle-class and the ever-growing "contractor" class who are still struggling to stretch the dollar here in the U.S. Added to the pile, companies opting for higher deductible plans to keep health benefit costs low, the pressure is on the average US worker. I like Pricing Healthcare's model though I think their battle will be adoption.  But, any app or service has that problem. I hope Randy can be successful because it will finally tear down the bureaucracy within the healthcare system. Is healthcare costs rising for you?


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