Startup Blog Insights: Ways To Solve The World's Problems

We are happy to again be talking to Taffy Williams this month about startups, leadership and business creation. We get some in-depth thoughts from Taffy about topics in his blog -- Startup Blog. This month we discuss two articles Taffy wrote recently for the called 5 Ideas That May Facilitate Creating a Startup Business” and "3 Levels of Influence Can Change the World" which provide ways you can change the world and environment around you.

Ways of Solving The World's Problems

"Having a new and novel technology, presents someone with new fulfilling their desires and you are creating a business and creating a niche for them"

" are something you can change and some things you cannot. And what you cannot Things you cannot change are things that are remote to you...I can't go up and convince congress to pass an immigration bill presently. I don't have the clout(influence) to do that. I can't convince them to reduce my taxes. But what I can do is talk to my kids. I can to my wife(1st Level). I can talk to my best friends. I can get influence."

"You can influence people you work with on a day to day basis...Over time if you are networking and interacting, you actually are building a much wider 1st level(of influence). Your 2nd level becomes larger...and they join your camp or ideas or what you want to accomplish"

You can reach Taffy at his website or on Twitter @twilli2861


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